GC Autosampler

Available exclusively from LECO, our L-PAL3 autosampler offers increased vial capacity, discrimination-free GC injections (ultrafast injections), an automatic tool exchange to switch between injector types (liquid, headspace, or SPME), minimized carryover, and the sensing of vial bottoms to avoid mis-injections. All of these advantages come on a highly robust and integrated platform. The LECO L-PAL3 GC autosampler allows you to safely focus on identifying unknowns in your samples without experiencing downtime and uncertainty in your lab.

L-PAL3 Details

Available Models

  • L-PAL3 GC for Liquid Injections
  • L-PAL3 GC for Liquid and Headspace Injections
  • L-PAL3 GC for Liquid and SPME Injections
  • L-PAL3 GC for Liquid, Headspace, and SPME Injections

Available Options

  • L-PAL3 Automated Sample Injector

Product literature
L-PAL3 Autosampler


  • Automation for up to 162 two mL samples, or 45 ten/twenty mL samples

  • Discrimination-free injection speeds with complete injection cycle time down to 100 milliseconds

  • Bottom-sensing technology ensures that even very small volumes can be sampled

  • Four separate models available so you may configure your package based on your autosampler needs


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