Project Description


If we define ‘more’ in the GC-MS and analytical chemistry in general we can think about more samples per time, more dynamic range, more reliable results, more up-time. Our GC-TOFMS can help you to get a lot of ‘more’. This is due to the specifics of TOF technology, but also due to our more than 20 years of experience in this sector. Our GC-TOFMS delivers SIM sensitivity plus full spectra information in the same run. You can check your ‘true-unknowns’ or cases of uncertainty in the same data file. No change of system parameters – no re-injection. Our NonTarget Deconvolution® (NTD ®) ensures that coeluting peaks and matrix interferences don’t hinder your analytes. And our very own StayClean® open-style EI source virtually eliminates source cleaning, which means you can spend your time running more samples. All this can make you consider to replace two or three GC-qMS by just one GC-TOF. And this for a sub-GC-QQQ budget.