If you are facing the challenge to improve your Turnaround Time you can tackle this from different angles. Our GC-TOFMS can help from any direction. TOFs run at very high data acquisition rates and always in full-spectra mode. High data density enables you to speed up chromatographic run time without loss of information. As GC-TOFMS delivers SIM sensitivity and full spectra information in the same run, you can check your “true unknowns” and cases of uncertainty in the same data file – no change of system parameters & no re-injection.

Our NonTarget Deconvolution® (NTD®) ensures that coeluting peaks and matrix interferences don’t hinder your analysis. Any issues with the quadrupole method setup or changes in parameters requires rerunning the sample. TOFs simply store all the data so issues and necessary checks can be performed after analysis without rerunning the sample.Avoid replicate runs for target compound vs. screening runs – one injection with one chromatogram is enough! Manual data correction and data processing is almost obsolete. Your time from sample prep to the final report will definitely improve!